Saturday, December 22, 2012

Fabric is a Necessity

Fabric is a necessity for Christmas morning when you have a sewing machine waiting under the tree (metaphorically).  So, I needed "stuff."  All the stuff that sewers need. I knew the only way to accomplish this was to shop for my own stocking stuffers.  Needless to say, my stocking is stuffed with fabric and notions and patterns. (I won't say "Oh, My!" because it's become quite trite.)  

I am learning about fabrics, obviously, so this was more of a challenge than I initially anticipated.  Where to go? I am a Hobby Lobby patron, so that is naturally where I began my Fabric Quest. I wanted everything, so I'm sure that I'm likely to burn in Hell for my avarice.  (Damn you, Hobby Lobby!)  I resigned myself to mostly cotton broadcloth and one knit in black.  I almost purchased fleece, for some pj patterns that are on the way.  Though I decided to keep it as simple as possible, instead opting for a cool crisp clean white cotton for that pattern.

I didn't want complete fabric crap, but I knew better than to go for gingham and all of the other super divine and wickedly attractive printed knits and more expensive fabrics.  Actually, gingham may be easy to sew, but I admittedly have no point of reference. 

 (On a side note, the Fabric Quest occurred during the last ten years of the Crusades, shortly after the quest for the Holy Grail lost its momentum.)

I didn't have any thread either, so I had more trouble than is surely necessary picking that out, as well.  Why on Earth had I never known that there about fifty different types of thread? My head was "bobbing" from all of the choices. . . Get it?

I went with heavy duty, because I'm pretty hard-core, in case you can't tell.  

I really am excited about this new era in my life, which I believe I have quite-aptly named Joyful Notions.  I think it's fairly clear that every minor part of this endeavor has me getting pretty psyched about beginning my venture into places unknown.  

Merry Christmas, indeed, Hobby Lobby Fabric-Cutting Person!

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