Sunday, December 16, 2012

I'm a Stitchin' Kitten (Phrase coined by star student, Vanna! She's a Knittin' Kitten.)

I feel totally triumphant since finishing the monster wrap in this picture.  This is my first creation and I'm so loving it, imperfections and all.  

 I must confess that I started off with the desire to make a scarf.  It is a scarf, of sorts, I suppose.  It's just big.  It wears like a wrap, more or less.  I could easily see myself wearing it that way, perhaps pinning it.  

I really couldn't be happier with the color, which fades from a deep to a light color throughout the length of the piece.  It gives it a subtly wavy look, which wasn't expected.  The fiber is homespun wool, Lion Brand.  I went for this large skein mainly for the color and because it was labeled Thick & Quick.  I knew that I needed to do something easy and fairly quick for my first project, to keep my momentum up.  

I used my US 19 Lantern Moons for this (  I have completely fallen for the Lantern Moon brand.  Their needles are more than beautiful.  They are exquisite!  They make yarn sing.  I honestly can say that they are making my projects more rewarding to make.  

 Now that I'm finished knitting my first piece, I wonder where to go next.  I may attempt to block this wrap, since the stitching is so loose and large.  It doesn't have a strict form to it. Not sure if it should.  I really haven't pursued trying to find out how to do blocking, though I have been offered some ideas about techniques.  I invite suggestions for this.

I'm also eager to get suggestions, in general.  This is my first scarf/wrap, so I know there is much to be learned.  I'm interested in hearing what advice you might offer.


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